Amy Sowder

without a license

Those great pickles mean money

How can you get away with selling food you make from your unlicensed, not-inspected home kitchen? The Florida Cottage Food Law. It's a law where no one watches you. So just go ahead and bake those cookies for the farmers market. Video by Amy Sowder.

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Hot Dish

cronut craze on Sanibel island

You don't need to wait in line for three hours for this one. The Cronut Craze (croissant-dougnut) has headed down south from its NYC birth to Sanibel Island, at Bailey's General Store, where the baker created her own version of this delectable treat: the Bailey's Cronut. Video by Amy Sowder.

America's farmstand

Touring The family Farm

Learn about the family behind the oranges, grapefruit and kumquats at Mixon Fruit Farms in southwest Florida. They're one of several independent, family-owned farms with sustainable practices that sells their produce on, which brings the farm to your table with no time sitting at a warehouse. Video by Amy Sowder.