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Dining Scene: A fresh take on Indian tradition

There's a new, airy look at an old Elmsford favorite. Malabar Hill, the institution that sated curry and korma lovers for more than 20 years, is now called Raasa, serving traditional Indian cuisine in a modern setting. 

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Amy Sowder

Coffee percolates into culinary art

NEW YORK -- Under his bedazzled Ed Hardy baseball cap and shaggy bangs, Wei-Cheng Hsieh glued his eyes to the nutty espresso palette balanced within a brown mug in his left hand. The barista bent his right wrist just an inch, so the stream of frothed milk could create an intricate tulip pattern. "So nervous," said Hsieh, 25, after winning the first round.

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Hot Dish: United Café, Bistro & Bar

First of all, try to say it right.

When you order a Cornish pastie at United Cafe, Bar & Bistro in downtown Fort Myers, pronounce it paaah-stie. Just know you're asking for a small meat pie or turnover.

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Workout of the week

The Dumbbell Power Snatch is a move that can inspire images of teeth-gritting muscle heads grunting under massive weights in grungy garage gyms.

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